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  • Britain's largest megalithic complex.
  • Extraordinary Potions and Curious Notions
  • A guide to indigenous stone carvings
  • Of Wessex
  • The lost world of Celtic Art reveals itself anew in this bewitching little book.
  • The UK traveller's good home guide
  • and other Megalithic sites of the Outer Hebrides
  • and Other Megalithic Sites in Southern Brittany
  • Ancient English Cathedrals
  • Celtic Pattern - Visual Rhythms of the Ancient Mind
  • The Original Pattern Pad.
  • On the Edge of Chaos
  • Minds, Drugs and Culture
  • in Nature, Life and Art
  • Elements of Wisdom
  • from Basilisks to Unicorns
  • Around the World
  • The Ultimate Geometrical Colouring Book (SPECIAL PRICE)
  • The Original Colouring Books
  • The Original No.2 Pattern Pad.
  • The Original Colouring Books
  • A Journey Beyond Our Five Senses
  • Mathematics Physics Chemistry Biology and Astronomy for All
Showing 1 - 23 of 23 items