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Useful Formulae

12 TRIGONOMETRICALIDENTITIES relating the six functions The definitions on the previous page lead to the following tan , cot , sec , csc Dividing cos2sin2 1 by cos2and sin2produces 1 tan2 sec2 and 1 cot2 csc2 The six functions applied to negative angles produce sin sin cos cos tan tan csc csc sec sec cot cot Angle sum formul apply when two angles are combined sin sincos cossin cos coscossinsin tan For doubled or tripled angles,usemultiple angle formul sin2 2sincos sin33sincos2sin3 cos2 cos2sin2 cos3cos33sin2cos tan2 tan3 The graph opposite is plotted in radians radians 180. A rough lookup table is also included here for emergency use. 2 tan 1 tan2 3tantan3 1 3tan2 1 cos cos sin sin cos 1 sin tan tan 1tantan 13
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