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Useful Formulae

1 INTRODUCTION This little book is an attempt to present the basic formul of mathematics and physics in a friendly and usable form.Unfamiliar terms and symbols are defined in the glossary. The use of number and symbol to model, predict and manipulate reality is a powerful form of sorcery. Unfortunately, possession of these abilities doesnt necessarily bring with it wisdom or foresight. As a result, we see the proliferation of dangerous technologies and an increasing obsession with quantity, typified by the subservience of almost everything to the global economy usurious equations are not included here. Readers are advised to use the contents of this book with due care and attention. On the other hand,mathematical tools have made it possible to perceive unity in seemingly separate areas. Light and electricity, for example,once unrelated topics,are now both understood in terms of the theory of electromagnetic fields. Brilliantly illustrating this doubleedged sword,Einsteins well knownE mc2,perhaps the most famous formula of all,will be forever linked to both the creation of atomic weapons and the scientific rediscovery of the unity of matter and energy. May your senses of awe and delight never be extinguished No Fixed Abode,2001
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