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Useful Formulae

Contents Introduction 1 Triangles 2 Twodimensional figures 4 Threedimensional figures 6 Coordinate geometry 8 Trigonometry 10 Trigonometric identities 12 Spherical trigonometry 14 The quadratic formula 16 Exponentials and logarithms 18 Means and probabilities 20 Combinations and permutations 22 Statistics 24 Keplers and Newtons laws 26 Gravity and projectiles 28 Energy,work and momentum 30 Rotation and balance 32 Simple harmonic motion 34 Stress,strain and heat 36 Liquids and gases 38 Sound 40 Light 42 Electricity and charge 44 Electromagnetic fields 46 Calculus 48 Complex numbers 50 Higher dimensions 52 Appendices 54 Thanks and praises to Jah Rastafari This book is dedicated to Mum and Dad,and to Inge, who showed me that the really important things cant possibly be described with formulas. For further reading I recommend Time and Numberby MarieLouise von Franz, and A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature,Art,and Science by Michael S.Schneider.
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