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Little People of the British Isles (The)

46 47 For those that seek a glimpse of the fair folk, clover is a good place to start. The different number of leaves represent different levels of awareness and initiation in the realm of the little people and their mysteries. They are best searched for in the becoming light of dawn or the receding light of dusk. The fourleaf renders the vision whilst the five represents the knowing and understanding of their existence and the sixleaf represents initiation into their mysteries. FAre thee Well into another world But a word of warning the awakenings which can be given to the seeker may not be entirely compatible with the modern world. If you find yourself preferring to sleep on a bed of moss under the stars beneath an old oak tree rather than choosing the comfort of your bed at home, or you become suddenly uncomfortable with the thought of pruning of a tree where previously no such concerns had troubled your conscience, or you begin craving fresh spring water straight from an old well, or you find you cannot stop dancing in circles and reciting poetry whilst time and the world passes you by, well then, youll be off with the fairies then wont you. So good luck, and until next time ...
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