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Little People of the British Isles (The)

24 25 Trees, dryads and their resident little people all depend on each other for survival, with each species of fairy carrying the unique qualities of the tree it inhabits and is part of. If appropriately dealt with, these fair folk can bequeath great gifts of magic or healing to those who know how to ask. In times past trees were venerated as cosmic pillars, and magical flight to the upper and lower worlds was effected through working with the oldest of them. Old Oak Men are the guardians of the forest, stout, strong, red nosed little beings, who are sometimes seen tending to the growth of their young saplings whilst the Oak Ladies prefer to dance at the the croWd oF copses tree spirits and sprites foot of their trees. The Elder Mother has many little people in her branches and her wood is uniquely useful for magicflutes made from her wood are able to call the fairies forth and a person wearing a woven headdress of her twigs and berries might be able to see them, although the wood must never be taken without first asking. The Ashkeys are a gift from the Ashmen and used for divination, placing the leaves under ones pillow will present prophetic dreams. The white Birch Lady was highly honoured in years past and her wood was used for the maypoles of old, the power of her resident little people dispersing fertility across the lay of the land. The Apple Tree Man was the oldest tree in an orchard and the largest apples from him, known in Cornwall as the Allen apples, contained the blessing of abundance and prosperity when handed out during the new year.
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