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Little People of the British Isles (The)

18 19 coves And cunnIng cAves keepers of stone, ore and metal Beneath the earths surface, in the warm depths of her belly, are many secret spaces and passages, more numerous and fantastic than mankind can guess at. Here is the most populated domain of the little people, for countless species take their abode in these subterranean realms. The Cornish Knockers, the Welsh Coblynau goblyn and the Scottish Black Dwarfs are closely related species, around a foot in height, and used to be seen dressed in the old fashioned attire of miners carrying tiny hammers, picks and lamps. Rarely seen today, but very good fortune to do so, they are benevolent to the respectful and will knock loudly where rich veins of ore and metal lie in the galleries of the mines. They know the location of all deposits of ore and metal, mineral gems and precious stones as well as hidden treasures, buried deep within the secret places of the mountains. They have been known to warn miners of cave ins and also to cause showers of stone or rocks to fall upon the uncivil and disrespectful, particularly those who swear or whistle.
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