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Little People of the British Isles (The)

8 9 the second sIght the sacred science of seeing There is much folklore concerned with seeing into the realm of fairyland, a sight that lies just beyond normal human vision. The second sight, as it is known in Scotland, has many facets, the main one being the constant vision into fairyland. Only a rare few individuals carry this gift, yet snatches of it can sometimes be bestowed to the true of heart. For those others wishing to perceive, stones with a naturally occurring hole in them, usually found on riverbeds, can be gathered to perceive them in their otherworld. A fourleaf clover is another ancient emblem of the little people, and finding one, as well as bringing extreme good luck, can sometimes render the fairy vision. Their leaves, the sole ingredient, are compounded in the magical ointment of fairy sight, which is said to render constant vision into the fairy domain after application to the eyes. Sometimes, when the time is right, it is possible to see the little people busy in their realm. The best times to do this are during the four hinges of the day sunrise, midday, sunset, midnight and especially between the lights, at dawn and dusk, when day and night are equal. The chances of seeing them are also extended on the four main celebration days of the ancient pagan year midsummer, autumn equinox, midwinter, spring equinox and especially on the four crossquarter which lie halfway between them.
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