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Little People of the British Isles (The)

6 7 All natural changes in the physical terrain and spacing of the land, such as streams, rivers, knolls, woods, mountain ranges and moors function as real boundaries between the worlds of humans and the little people, and are considered to be crossover points between our world and theirs. As ancient man developed, the lay of the land gradually became partitioned into the many enclosures we have today. Divisions made by man such as thickets, hedges, fences, walls, lanes, styles and gates, separated the land and where once made in accordance and harmony with the little people. The land, at one point in her story, was sectioned out in accordance with these lays, fairy paths and habitations all being respectfully avoided. Humans were sure not to build houses, roads or any other structure over the fairypaths or ground sacred to them, for to do so would bring great misfortune and this practice still continues in Ireland today. Crossing such divisions, whether natural or manmade can transport one directly into the fairy realm, and ancient mounds, barrows, tumuli, standing stones, circles of trees and tors are still today visited across all lands by those seeking to walk between the worlds, for such places where the realms meet are sacred ground and are avoided by ordinary folk. Another word of warning, however. Reaching into their realms renders the wanderer under the power of the little people and only those of pure purpose can gain their respect and kindness. WAnderIng BetWeen the Worlds betwixt the boundaries of beauty
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