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Sun, Moon and Earth

55 the exact same triangle as defined the marriage calendar of the Sun and the Moon on the previous page is mysteriously present at the heart of all of Englands ancient flattened stone circles In remote places in Britain survive many examples of curiously flattened stone circles, constructed some 4500 years ago and named typeA and typeB by Professor Thom, the discoverer of the Megalithic yard 2.72 feet, 32.64 inches, 0.83 m. Both typeA and typeB rings invoke a Christian symbol, the vesica piscis, the almond shape between two overlapping circles, here applied 2500 years before Jesus. Stones are commonly placed intelligently to the geometry opposite. Astonishingly, this design invokes the same triangle we have just witnessed underpinning the structure of the Sun, Moon, Earth system The right triangle has side ratios 1 3 10. A hemp rope taken from the centre O to point P, and thence to B and A, has a length 3 10 2, which is 8.16227, exactly one quarter of the Megalithic yard, in inches. If length PB is considered to represent a lunation period, then the intersection of the vesica circle cuts it at 0.368 of its length at X. If PB is now considered to represent the solar year, then PO represents the eclipse year, this ratio being either 10 3 or 19.618 18.618. The ratios foot Royal cubit Megalithic yard may also be read from this exquisite device. This most beautiful analogue of the Sun, Moon and Earth system stores their key constants and the ancient metrology all within itself, as ratios. An awesome glimpse of an ancient wisdom is now finally revealed. 54 a Stoneage comPuter neolithic cosmology revealed
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