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Sun, Moon and Earth

51 50 the lunatIon trIangle Solomon meets Pythagoras A 512 rectangle has a diagonal length of 13. The four station stones at Stonehenge define one see page 47, as do the proportions of Solomons Temple at Jerusalem. Twelve plus a thirteenth, as the redeeming Saviour, occurs in many heroic stories, Jesus, King Arthur and the Mayan wind god Kukulcan being examples. To the Pythagoreans the number 5 signified completeness or marriage, formed as the first male number, 3, becomes wedded to the first female number, 2. The true number of months in the year falls between 12 and 13 and in order to define a true solilunar calendar this figure, 12.368, must be determined. The lunation triangle is simply a 51213 right triangle, the second Pythagorean triangle, with the 5 side divided as 32. A new hypotenuse to this point measures 12.369. The Moon, 13, thereby becomes married to the Sun, 12, where the female, 2, joins to the male, 3. The Sacred Marriage of Sun and Moon, made in Heaven, is witnessed on Earth accompanied by the most harmonious interval, the fifth 32. Other musical allegories abound opposite below and Solomons throne was wisely placed at the 32 point in the 512 Temple walls at Jeruslaem. St Johns Gospel ends as Jesus reappears for the third time since his resurrection. He instructs his fishless disciples cast your nets on the right side, whence they catch 153 fishes. Why 153 Perhaps because 153 is 12232, the square on our hypotenuse and thus the square of the annual lunation rate, 12.368. Fishy indeed
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