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Sun, Moon and Earth

49 49 48 the SIlver FractIon twixt 12 and 13 full moons The secret of the calendar is the 11 day mismatch between the lunar year 12 lunations and that of the solar year 12.368 lunations. Enoch called this the overplus of the Moon, but more poetically we may call it the silver fraction. Remarkably, three common units of length used by the ancient world, the Megalithic yard, the Royal cubit and the foot, relate through the astronomy of the lunation and the silver fraction opposite above. The silver fraction is actually 10.875 days in length, which is 0.368 lunations almost exactly sevennineteenths as a fraction. Intriguingly, the diameters of the two main circles of Stonehenge, the Aubrey circle 283 feet and the Sarsen circle 104 feet are in the ratio 719 to each other below. Simple geometry can also reveal the annual lunation figure. A pentagram drawn inside a circle of diameter 13 units has stararms of length 12.364 opposite below All five stararms add to 61.82, the number of full moons in 5 years and also 100phi to 99.9 see page 32. The famous Celtic Coligny calendar 100 BC is based on a 5 year, 62 lunation cycle see page 39. Phi in the sky
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