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Sun, Moon and Earth

41 40 thIrtythree the number of the solar hero Thirtythree is a significant calendar number see page 10 which threads its secret through human culture. At a neolithic equinoctial site in Scotland, a cache of 33 tightly packed quartz pebbles was discovered by archaeologists, one for each year of the solar cycle. A renowned Irish megalithic site contains a stone with 33 enhanced chevrons, and another has a snake motif with 33 folds opposite below. Ancient stories about the heroic Tuatha de Danaan frequently use the number 33. The first battle of Mag Tuired was fought by a saviour hero Lug and 32 other leaders. In the second battle thirtythree leaders of the Fomore perish, thirtytwo plus their highest king. The Christian highest king, Jesus, was crucified and resurrected aged 33, rising again from behind a large stone. Islamic and Jewish calendar traditions recognise that it takes 33 solar years to complete 34 lunar years of 12 lunations. A lunar calendar therefore cycles around the seasons, Ramadan falling eleven days earlier each year, returning to the same date again after 33 years. The Masonic Order recognises 33 degrees of proficiency, whilst the lonely game of Solitaire opposite, within the circle consists of 32 balls and 33 holes. These cultural artefacts share a common numerical factor, apparently derived from prehistoric observations of the 33 year solar repeat cycle. Pairing this with the nodal cycle of the Moon we may now square the circle as shown opposite. Circle and Square have the same area, a marriage of Heaven and Earth. Incidentally, the spine of the human body consists of 33 vertebrae, in heros and nonheros alike.
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