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Sun, Moon and Earth

23 eq ui no x f ul l mo o n se t mi ds u m me r f ul l mi d wi nt er f ul l m o o n se t mo o n se t sunsets through the year looking west full moonsets through the year looking west 22 Sun, moon landScaPe the moon as mirror of the sun Each month the Moon more or less mirrors the entire annual range of rising and setting positions performed by the Sun in a year. The full moon is brightest and highest at midwinter, when she occupies the sign of Cancer, copying the midsummer Sun, and rising and setting at the most northerly positions on the horizon. The midsummer full moon, in the sign of Capricorn, correspondingly behaves like the midwinter Sun, remaining low in the dusky sky and rising and setting at the most southerly positions of the month. At extreme latitudes above 60o, such as Finland, Sweden or northern Canada a midwinter full moon may become circumpolar and circles the sky visible for several days while the Sun never rises at all. Conversely, at midsummer, when the Sun never sets, the full moon is similarly not to be seen at all, sometimes for three months. Thus the full moon mirrors the Sun at the opposite point in the calendar, and like a true mirror she fully reflects the Suns light. This reciprocation mysteriously extends into the numbers themselves, for 1 Sun Moon and 1 Moon Sun In more detail 1 365.242 the solar year 0.0027379, which in days is 3 minutes and 56 seconds, the difference between sidereal and solar days, whilst 1 27.322 the lunar sidereal month 0.0366, which in days is 52 minutes, the difference between lunar and solar days. It is fun to ask an astronomer why.
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