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Sun, Moon and Earth

Folk who havent ever thought the matter through will often tell you there are 365 and a quarter days in the year but if you stop to think about it you will soon realise that one cannot ever experience a quarter day in isolation. Days come in packets of one, and 365 of these make up the year, except that every fourth year an extra day slips in to make it 366. At high latitudes, consecutive sunrises around the equinoxes are spaced more than the Suns diameter apart five sunrises shown opposite top. Each year, the vernal equinox sunrise appears from a slightly different position on the horizon about one quarter of a degree lower opposite. During three years of observation, the Sun appears to rise to the left of the original alignment until, in the fourth leap year, it rises once more very close to the original position, the tally for that year becoming 366 days. This accounts for the quarter day and is the basis for the extra intercalary day, February 29th. The length of the year can be observed to much higher accuracy by noting key years when the Sun rises precisely behind a foresight, stone marker or notch in a distant mountain peak on a given day, indicating a perfect repeat solar cycle. The best of these occurs after 33 years, or 12,053 days or sunrises, and defines the solar year as 365 days in length, accurate to 99.9999 compared with the modern calendar at 99.998. This has made 33 an important solar number for skywatchers since prehistoric times. 10 Sun WatchIng packets of days and repeat cycles 8 33 11 around the time of the equinoxes in late March and September the position of the rising sun on the horizon changes by more than a solar diameter every day the exact position of an equinox sunrise on the horizon slightly drifts each year, roughly resetting every fourth year, but most precisely after 33 years.
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