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Sun, Moon and Earth

3 2 SearchIng For PatternS finding order in the cosmos The first systematic observations of the Sun and Moon are shrouded in the mists of prehistory. Scored bones from 40,000 BC below display lunar number cycles whilst the famed Venus of Laussal title page links the Moon with the number thirteen. Repeated cycles such as full moons, eclipses and planetary conjunctions revealed a cosmology to ancient astronomers which was both numerical and geometrical, and which imbued creation with order and meaning God is a geometer. The delphic adage as above, so below suggests cosmic patterns are reflected in earthly life, becoming a source of revelatory information. The Great Pyramid 2480 BC epitomizes this approach. Built to the points of the compass, with passages aligned to stars, its base and height fit the squared circle of Earth and Moon. This archaic approach to cosmology is today discarded as worthless, and has been replaced by modern astronomy, yet most people now know almost nothing about the Sun, Moon and Earth system, despite our total dependence on its rhythms. This book will gently put that right, and reinvoke something of the spirit of the old sciences. 3
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