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Sun, Moon and Earth

1 IntroductIon In an uncoordinated attempt to better understand and control the material universe, our present culture has strayed so far from simplicity and beauty that we are often startled or afraid when it reveals itself. The modern system of ideas we call Science has dispensed with the poetic and broadly fails to see the subtle connecting strands of meaning woven into the web of life. In addition, science is today shackled to commerce, also blind to such things, and thus we have the blind leading the blind. As if that wasnt enough, todays high priests of Science also inform us which interpretations of the cosmos are valid, and which are not. Some questions are just not to be asked any more, let alone answered. This little book reveals a poetic cosmology which lies within the cycles of the Sun and Moon, as seen from Earth. It is found to be supremely rational, so simple and elegant that no priestly intermediary is needed to interpret, censor or intervene. All the mathematics given here may be verified by those of little faith with a simple calculator and the mind of an inquisitive teenager.
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