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Sun, Moon and Earth

CONTENTS Introduction 1 Searching for Patterns 2 Some Early Solutions 4 The Sun 6 Solstices and Equinoxes 8 Sun Watching 10 The Moon 12 The Moons Two Rhythms 14 The Tock of the Moon 16 The Lunar Day 18 The Earth 20 Sun, Moon and Landscape 22 The Moons Nodes 24 The Breath of the Moon 26 Eclipses 28 Lunar Eclipses 30 Solar Eclipses and the Saros 32 Saros Patterns 34 The Dance of the Moon 36 The 19 year Metonic Cycle 38 Thirtythree 40 The Precessional Cycle 42 Designing a Calendar 44 Stonehenge 46 The Silver Fraction 48 The Lunation Triangle 50 Sun, Moon and Earth 52 A StoneAge Computer 54 Pebbles on the Shores of Time 56 Tables 58 Some pages in this book assume you are living in the northern hemisphere. Special thanks go to my brother, Richard, for being a vital part of the early research. Many thanks to John Martineau. The title page shows the Venus of Laussal, circa 18,000 BC. A clear message survives the aeons, confirming ancient human knowledge of the link between the Moon and the human re pro duc tive cycle thirteen notches on a crescent horn link astronomy with human culture. The Moon and Sun follow a circular 1213 rhythm just like the minute and hour hands of a clock.
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