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57 56 InSpIratIonaL Stonehenge a source of wonder and amazement Stonehenge may elude us, but it also inspires us. The monument taunts our smallness, yet celebrates our abilities. Our culture assumes superiority whilst those stones point to things we have forgotten, and they mock our hubris in so doing. We might humbly remember the words of the poet Drayton, who, in Polyalbion, wrote Ill did those mighty men to trust thee with their story, Thou hast forgot their names, who raised thee for their glory. And to drive the point home, the American novelist Henry James wrote There is something in Stonehenge almost reassuring, and if you are disposed to think that life is rather a superficial matter, and that we soon get to the bottom of things, the immemorial gray pillars may serve to remind you of the enormous backdrop of time. Many poets and writers have dipped their pens into the dark ink of James immemorial gray pillars and Stonehenge has also inspired many fine artists throughout history Constable, Turner, Blake and Henry Moore all worked with the monument, as did melodramatic lesser artists opposite. Perhaps, like the black monolith in Arthur C. Clarkes 2001, A Space Odyssey, Stonehenge enables a process of increased consciousness, most notably of the true rhythms of human life and the cycles of the Sun and Moon. We moderns have lost most of that, and need with some urgency to reclaim our longlost legacy from the past, frozen in time and space at Stonehenge. Its true Edgar, the solstice was yesterday
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