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39 38 the LunatIon trIangLe the marriage of the Sun and Moon One longlost geometrical technique for finding the crucial number of full moons in a year 12.368 is both simple and accurate, and Stonehenge fully supports its use in the Station Stone rectangle see page 18. A 512 rectangle has a diagonal of 13. The resulting 51213 Pythagorean triangle can readily enable a new hypotenuse of length 12.368 units to be constructed opposite top. The 153 fishes caught in the disciples net in St John, Chapter 21, suggests arcane knowledge of the lunation triangle, for the square root of 153 is 12.369. The lunation triangle shown opposite connects Stonehenge with the bluestone site, and makes a right angle at Lundy Island. Loony fringe Well, Lundys Old Welsh name was Ynys Elen, The Island of the elbow, or right angle. In Welsh myth, the old straight tracks were under the protection of Elen, the goddess of sunset the west. The British princess Helen, who came from a western island, presumed to be Anglesea, was said to have constructed the long straight roads throughout the kingdom. This large triangle, 2500 times larger than the Station Stone rectangle, provides a reason why Stonehenge is located where it is, and why the bluestone site was so important. Caldey Island, at the 32 point, hosts the earliest surviving Celtic Christian church. Astonishingly, the extension of the line connecting the bluestone site to Stonehenge eventually passes through the Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt, a weird but incontestable fact.
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