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29 28 the ghoSt In the machIne reading the stones So just what have we got here on Salisbury Plain Through all the mystery and speculation is it possible to separate fact from fiction, theory from hardwon observation and proof And how do we begin to understand what Stonehenge was about, to read the service manual for the monument Perhaps the best one can do is to recognise that Stonehenge was built by people identical to ourselves, albeit very different in culture yet perhaps superior in their ability to think about some fundamental issues concerning human life on earth. In addition, the stones did not arrive or become placed by magic. The site was prepared, surveyed, measured and marked out by people like us. Stones were transported, men and animals fed, equipment brought in and maintained. This was a colossal project of high importance to these people, and it must be true that someone was the architect of the various phases, and knew precisely what he or she was undertaking. Early in 1963, Mr C A Peter Newham shed some light on our darkness. He discovered the remarkable link between solar and lunar astronomy opposite and the geometry of the Station Stones. This revelation was taken further by an American professor of astronomy, Dr Gerald Hawkins. In 1965, he published a best selling book, Stonehenge Decoded, which was scathingly attacked by many archaeologists. The new discipline of archaeoastronomy had arrived. In March 1963, Mr C A Newham wrote an article for the Yorkshire Post which revealed the solar and lunar alignments of the Station Stone rectangle above. These alignments apply only at the latitude of Stonehenge, elsewhere the rectangle would become a parallelogram. The geometry is entirely octagonal see page 49.
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