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23 22 woodwork In Stone how to do joined up megaliths The perfectly level circle of thirty curved sarsen lintels was erected around the top of thirty supporting sarsen uprights. In order to fix these securely, some thirteen feet above the ground, they were locked together like pieces of a jigsaw, using tongues and grooves. In addition, each upright was dressed with two tenons which mated with corresponding mortises on the lintels below. The visitor may observe the tenons on many sarsen uprights where the lintels have fallen see for example lower picture opposite, stones 56 and 60. These jointing techniques derive from the wood joiners craft. The mighty trilithon uprights carried a large single tenon and their lintels were duly mortised. The tallest stone 56 still sports its tenon, like a boys schoolcap thrown up as a prank, whilst its curiously doublemortised lintel has fallen. The pictures opposite are from Barclays Stonehenge, 1895 see page 47 for the full stone numbering classification. 2000 BC an idealised view from the south showing the halfwidth sarsen 1900 AD Stonehenge before restoration showing a silhouetted bluestone 62 1900 AD view from the south showing the once perilously leaning trilithon upright 56
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