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19 18 Around 3000 BC, the circle of 56 Aubrey holes was dug, some think to provide sockets to house large posts supporting a level wooden henge platform long since rotted away opposite top. Three centuries later, four Station Stones were placed around the perimeter, defining the corners of an accurate 512 rectangle. This sets the Aubrey Circle diameter at 13 of the same units, each of eight Megalithic yards, totalling 104 MY 13 x 8 or 283 feet. This discovery confirmed the use of the Megalithic yard by the builders to a sceptical archaeological establishment. Just two stubs remain today of the four Station Stones. The two missing stones, perhaps 14 foot high, were sited on small mounds with surrounding ditches see opposite lower left. A central stone henge structure existed around this time, built from spotted dolerite bluestones, brought 135 miles as the crow flies. Several bluestones remaining on the site are curved, and possessed mortise holes. Some are tongued and grooved stone 68 opposite lower right. Perhaps 38 pairs of bluestones were used to complete a 90 foot diameter circle of trilithons, apparently never completed, although the much disturbed central part of Stonehenge makes conclusive proof hard to attain. Maybe this first henge was imported complete from Wales, and some stones were lost en route during this daunting land and sea voyage The word trilithon derives from the Greek, three stone, and refers to two upright stones supporting a third lintelstone aloft. auBrey hoLeS StatIon StoneS a wooden henge and a 512 rectangle
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