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9 8 The Stonehenge landscape includes many examples of what are known as barrows opposite. Many of these contained burials or cremated remains. The artefacts interred alongside the dead have provided archaeologists with much information about social patterns within the Wessex Culture. The foetal position of many of the skeletons suggests a rebirth from within Mother Earth. Many burial chambers throughout the entire megalithic culture are aligned to the midwinter sunrise or sunset, supporting such a theory, the symbolism being that, at the shortest days of midwinter, the death of the Sun thereafter leads to its resurrection, a daily increase in light, strength and noonday height, as each sunrise and sunset occurs more to the north. An recent excavation at Stonehenge unearthed the skeleton of an archer, with arrowheads still lodged in his vertebrae. Ritual sacrifice, execution or murder We will never know. traveLS to the otherworLd a culture of life after death
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