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3 2 circles was being revealed, not always with the blessing or agreement of orthodox archaeologists. A lively ferment of debate between archaeologists and astronomers, historians and engineers initiated, in the early 70s, a most creative period of reassessment for Stonehenge and its original purpose. Stonehenge is far more than just an impressive display of huge stones. If it were merely that, it would fail to maintain such a powerful presence within our present culture. Up to 40,000 people arrive each year in the hope of observing the midsummer sunrise from the monument. Stonehenge is a symbol or icon of Albion, the ancient wisdom of Britain and of different cultural values from a vanished time. Using Stonehenge as a lens, we can truly see into the mind of a neolithic architect and thereby connect back to our prehistoric ancestors. To what did they aspire As we begin a new millennium, Stonehenges sixth, the apparently disparate subjects of archaeology, astronomy, metrology, sacred geometry and even shamanism are slowly converging to reveal an holistic Megalithic Science. Once part of an impressively large collection of stone circles throughout northwestern Europe, Stonehenge, with its raised circle of lintels yet differs from all the rest. Unique, and having survived five millennia and several cultural changes, Stonehenge is a stone age cathedral, the centrepiece of a once wealthy and evidently learned tribal community. Their magnificent legacy of stone beckons us to read its message.
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