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To Rebecca, Matthew and Lea. Pictures have been taken from a wide selection of rare antiquarian books and are mostly credited where they appear. The engravings on page 3 are from Inigo Jones book of 1655, the engraving on page 24 is from William Stukeley, 1740, the lower picture on page 31 is from Walpooles late 18th century Modern British Traveller, illustration on page 54, is from Alexander Thom, courtesy of Eoghan MacColl. Introduction 1 Digging in the dark 4 The Stonehenge landscape 6 Travels to the underworld 8 Stonehenge culture 10 Barrowloads of gold 12 Astronomy and geometry 14 The first Stonehenge 16 Aubrey holes and Station Stones 18 Sarsens and trilithons 20 Woodwork in stone 22 Erecting the stones 24 The modern picture 26 The ghost in the machine 28 Here comes the sun 30 Woodhenge 32 Calendar capers 34 Alternative Stonehenge 36 The lunation triangle 38 Predicting eclipses 40 Stonehenge complete 42 Rolling stones 44 The middle ground 46 Sacred geometry 48 Surveying Stonehenge 50 Stonehenge dwarfed 52 Star culture 54 Inspirational Stonehenge 56 An early drawing of Stonehenge, from Lucas De Herre, 1569.
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