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St Patrick

58 NB The Irish annals dates given are all open to debate. 312 37 Constantine gives Christianity official status in the Roman Empire. 361 3 Emperor Julian attempts to restore pagan worship this policy reversed after 363. 367 Picts and Scots conspire with local troops to pillage large parts of Roman Britain. 381 Statue of Goddess Victory removed from Roman senate. 395 Pagan worship made a criminal offence in the Roman Empire. 396 St Victiricius or Victoricius of Rouen in Britain, to settle issues concerning the local bishops probably a RomanoBriton, he had initiated missionary activities amongst the barbarians in Flanders. Victoricius is the only name mentioned in Patricks Confession. 397 death of St Martin of Tours, who brought Christianity to the rural poor and introduced monasticism to western Gaul. 398 St Augustines Confession. ca. 40520 vicious dispute between the British or Irish theologian Pelagius he is described as a Scotus who lived on porridge by St Jerome and Augustine about Gods relationship to man. Pelagius said that believers can find paths to God without needing the intermediary of the church, Augustine that human sinfulness makes this impossible. 410 Alaric the Goth sacks Rome. post 410 Britain, becomes isolated from the Roman Empire, and has to look to its own organisation defence. 41518 Pelagianism attacked by papacy and then declared a heresy. 4279 Palladius negotiates between the Pope and bishop Germanus of Auxerre about the suppression of Pelagian teachings in Britain. 429 Germanus in Britain suppressing Pelagianism. 431 Palladius, now Pope Celestines secretary, sent as bishop to Christians in Ireland. 432 earliest date in various Irish annals for Patricks arrival in Ireland as bishop Bishop Patrick begins to baptise the Scoti. Annals of Inisfallen 433 Conversion of the Scoti Annals of Inisfallen 443 Patrick the bishop was flourishing in our province. Annals of Ulster 444 Armagh was founded by Patrick, 1,194 years after Rome. Annals of Ulster 457 The repose of Old Patrick Palladius Annals of Ulster Annals of Four Masters Armagh founded, and Patrick has an archbishops city built there as head of the churches in Ireland.Annals of the Four Masters 458 The repose of Old Patrick Palladius Annals of Boyle 461 Here some place the death of Patrick Palladius Annals of Ulster 489 The repose of St Ciann, to whom Patrick gave a gospel Annals of Ulster 492 The Irish say that Patrick the archbishop died Patrick preached in Ireland for eighty years, and God restored to life forty people for him. He founded 365 churches, made as many bishops and baptised 1,200. Annals of Ulster 496 The repose of Patrick on the 17th March Annals of Inisfallen circa 67090 Trechn and Muirch, two Irish clerics, compile information about Patrick, Trechn primarily in southeast Ulster, Muirch in Connacht chronology Patricks angel standing on Slemish and Skerry
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