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St Patrick

34 35 Wonder tales and curses Muirch and Trechns Patrick was effectively performing spells like a powerful wizard a talent common to many popular saints in the early Christian world. When Patrick once saw two brothers with raised swords, preparing to fight each other, he froze them. Their row was over the ownership of some land, so he made them give it for a church, where rests the craftsman Cuanu, brother of Sachellus, bishop of Baslick. He cursed the river Duff to be always empty of fish as the locals would give him none, and another when two disciples drowned. A ford rose up in the Bush so he could cross over to Dunseverick, to consecrate Olcn and give him relics of Peter and Paul. He remained dry in a rainstorm, cursed the field of an opponent and made a druid die and burn from the opposite bank of the river Moy. Once Patrick asked a dead man about the cross over his grave. He replied he was pagan and the cross was there by mistake, so Patrick set it over the right grave. Wicked Coroticus he turned into a fox, and one night the charioteer lost their horses in the dark. Patrick raised his hand, his fingers shone like lanterns and the horses were found.
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