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St Patrick

32 33 Voclut near the western shore Trechn relates how Patrick founded a church near Voclut wood and then ordained Mucneus as its bishop, for God told him to leave aside the law and consecrate bishops and deacons in that country. Two bishops were required to perform consecrations, so Patrick was breaking Church rules. He also gave Mucneus the seven books of the law and blessed a place by Voclut wood for two girls who took the veil. While in the West he baptised a baby in its dying mothers womb, built a church from sods in a place with no stone or timber and consecrated others. Near Castlebar there was a square pagan well called Sln, health. Gold and silver offerings were left in it, and water oozed out round a rectangular stone, behind which were supposed to lie a seers bones. Patrick had the stone pulled out, and made the well Christian. The stone still lay there in Trechns day. There is also a wonder tale about a Neolithic chambered tomb. At Dichuil Patrick was shown a grave of marvellous size, 120 feet long. He struck it, and a giant rose up. I wish you well, holy man, for raising me, he said, so Patrick baptised him, and he fell back.
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