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St Patrick

28 29 the end of Pagan Ireland greater than the druids Muirch has Patrick enter Taras feasting hall on Easter Monday, miraculously passing through closed doors. A druid offered him a drink, but let a drop fall from his cup into Patricks, who prayed so his drink froze, and turning it upside down out fell the drop the druid had put in. More tests followed. A druid made snow fall on the plain, but could not remove it, so Patrick prayed and it vanished. The druid brought down fog, which he also could not disperse, but Patrick did, so fire tests took place. Trechn and Muirch describe different scenarios. In one a druid wore Patricks chasuble and put his cloak on Patricks boy assistant, in the other the druid stood in part of a house made with wet wood while the boy had the dry wood side. In both cases they were then torched, the druid burnt and the boy was unscathed, as was Patricks chasuble. Muirch says King Loiguire then turned to the Eternal Lord God, but Trechn has him remain an unrepentant pagan, though one of his brothers believed, and was the founder of the Christian U Nill line. He gave Patrick land nearby, upon which he built his greatest church, Donaghpatrick, some sixty foot long. Patrick also gave communion at Cruachan, Connachts assembly hill, to two of Loiguires daughters, who wanted to see Christs face and immediately died. He built a church on their ferta, a pagan burial mound.
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