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St Patrick

26 27 easter at tara breaking the old order Trechn and Muirch also both describe a decisive confrontation with pagan Ireland on the plain of Brega where Patrick celebrated his first Easter as it was close to Tara, the centre of all paganism. This was the great royal assembly hill of Meath, the central fifth of Ireland, sacred to the goddess Medb Lethderg, with whom new kings mated. A late account of a different inauguration says that king mated with a white mare, before it was slaughtered, boiled and eaten probably some similar rite happened at Tara. A pagan festival was also happening that Easter. King Loiguire, a son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, had to light the new Spring fire, but Patrick lit his Easter fire first, so Loiguire brought his warriors and druids on twentyseven chariots down to confront him, though one of them did honour him, Erc mac Dago, whose relics are now venerated in Slane. Muirch says that one of the druids then derided Christianity so Patrick prayed, the druid was lifted up and dropped, smashing his skull on a rock. Trechn says the druid went up almost to the sky and came down frozen solid with hail and snow mixed with sparks of fire and that the stone containing the frozen druid lies there still. Loiguires forces then charged, but God brought down darkness and an earthquake, destroying them. Left Patrick arriving at Tara. Above Standing Stone at Tara. Below Tara medieval parish church
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