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St Patrick

22 23 trechn muIrchs PatrIck making a saint Copies of the Letter and Confession were probably preserved at Mochtas Louth monastery, and in the seventh century Patrick became revered. A hymn likened him to Peter and Paul, and Cummian told Ionas abbot that holy Patrick, our papa brought their Easter computations. Then two clerics, Trechn and Muirch, wrote accounts of his life, saying he christianised virtually all Ireland himself and comparing him to Moses. Their Patrick constantly performs miracles, emphasising that he has access to powers far stronger than any pagan magic. Trechn concentrates on stories from Voclut and the West while Muirch talks about the Northeast and Armagh, which claimed Patrick as its founder and was trying to establish its primacy in Ireland. He says Patrick first reached Ulster as bishop at Strangford Lough and hiding the boat went inland a little way to rest where he met the swineherd of Dichu, who gave him his rath at Saul. Its barn became his church. This tale even contains a fragment of Patricks mother tongue. He swore Mudebroth at locals for digging a raths ditch on a Sunday, which seems to be min Duw braut, by Gods judgement in Old Welsh. The phrase immediately won renown, as the next night a great wind arose, stirred up the sea and destroyed all the heathens work. Trechn says Patrick died at Saul, and adds that his angel ordered untamed oxen to be yoked to a cart bearing his body, and that they took it to Downpatrick. The sea raged until he was buried there, and flames shot out of his grave when it was disturbed.
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