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Sacred Springs

44 45 St Cybis Well is found beyond the churchyard in the delightful small village of Llangybi, with beautiful views across Snowdonia. The isolated well consists of a well building plus a custodians cottage, all now in a ruined state. It is an interesting example of a holy well that possessed a guardian, in this instance an eel. The visitor to the well would stand in the water and, if the eel wrapped itself round their legs, it was believed that they would be cured. The eel was removed on one occasion, and local people believed the water lost its power. The guardian acted as an oracle, its actions predicted the future or foretold the success of the cure. They included sacred fishes, such as trout and salmon, but the most unusual was a guardian fly, at St Michaels Well, Kirkmichael in Scotland. On occasions, it was said, the fly might appear to be dead, but it was resurrected each time and lived on. St Cybis Well was also used for love divination. Usually if a handkerchief set on the water sank the relationship would end, if it floated the love was true. To the north is Beunos Well near the magnificent church at Clynnog Fawr. Scraping stone dust from the saints chapel and adding it to the well water would cure sore eyes see page 4. On Anglesey behind Penmon Priory is St Seirols Well, with its crystal clear water in a neat well house tucked against a cliff. ST CybIS WEll Llangybi, Gwynedd
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