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Sacred Springs

42 43 St Govans Well and its isolated chapel can be found in the breathtaking coastal scenery at St Govans Head, south of Bosherston near Pembroke. It was famous for curing lameness, rheumatism and eye troubles. The well and chapel are squeezed in a crevice, led down to by steep steps which are reputedly uncountable. Long ago pirates stole the silver chapel bell but sea nymphs rescued it and hid it in a rock, which rang if struck. In the chapel there is a magical niche where the rock opened to hide St Govan when enemies pursued him. Riblike impressions can be seen where his body is said to have touched the sides. Turning round in this niche is said to be lucky. This was a popular healing well where traditionally water was drunk from a limpet shell see also St Augustines Well, page 10. A legend says that St Govan was actually King Arthurs nephew, Sir Gawain, who came here to live as a hermit. Other wells to visit in this area are St Anthonys Well, below Llanstephan Castles mound, and St Marys Well at Maenclochog. This well is situated near the remains of a cromlech which, if struck, would ring until water from the well was taken to the church. Further west is the atmospheric St Nons Well near St Davids, the place where St Non gave birth to St David. ST GOvANS WEll Bosherston, Dyfed
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