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Sacred Springs

8 9 St Levans Well is set in a high, dramatic location, on the cliffs overlooking Porthchapel beach where the turquoise waves crash against the shore. St Levan would walk the clifftops, his path marked by a brighter shade of green than the surrounding grass. He was a fisherman and would take one fish a day from the sea. One day he caught a chad, which is the fry of the red bream, but felt it was too small and threw it back. Again he caught the small fish, and again threw it back. When he caught it for a third time he thought Providence had provided it, and took it to feed his sister and niece. But unfortunately the child choked on her first mouthful, and this he saw as a punishment for his dissatisfaction. From then on, the fishermen called the chad chuck cheeld, meaning choke child. Above the well, in the churchyard, is a large ancient stone, split in two by a blow from St Levans fist. He prophesied that when the day came a pack horse with panniers could pass through the stone, the world would end. A number of wells are situated near megaliths and stone circles. Nearby is the peaceful Alsia Well, famed for healing weak and rickety children. There are also two wells at Chapel Euny possess ing powerful healing waters, which lie near to the Carn Euny Iron Age village. ST lEvANS WEll West Penwith, Cornwall
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