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Sacred Number

40 MagiC sQuares when it all adds up 41 Magic squares are a fascinating way of arranging numbers, and there are whole books about them and their secret uses. The magic sum of any square is the same whichever line is added. Seven magic squares are traditionally associated with the planets opposite. The threebythree square is Saturns, and the squares increase by one order as they descend through each planetary sphere to reach the lunar ninebynine square. Elegant patterns of odd and even numbers occur in these squares shaded in the diagrams. Each planet also has a magic seal based on the structure of its square, a useful code for wizards. A magic square is an example of a permutation, ordering things in a set in a particular way. There are eight ways to sum to fifteen using three numbers from one to nine, and all eight ways are present in the threebythree magic square. Other totals found in magic squares are worth a second look. The Maya would surely have delighted in the fact that the eight byeight square has the magic sum of 13 x 20, while the solar line total of eleventyone gives an ominous 666 square sum. With gematria as an additional magical key, words and magic squares naturally interweave in the secret world of spells and other talismanic arts see example below.
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