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Sacred Number

38 geMaTria talking numbers and secret codes The Phoenicians used a very neat twentytwoletter consonant alphabet to encode the sounds of their tongue. In time this script was adopted by most Mediterranean peoples and through its Latin variation came to be the alphabet that we use today. Gematria uses letters as number symbols, so language becomes mathematics. Important canonical, geometrical, musical, metro logical, and cosmological numbers are defined by many key terms in ancient texts. First appearing widely in ancient Greece, gematria was subsequently adapted to both Hebrew and Arabic where it is known as abjad. A simplified system also exists in all three languages using the same values without the zeros. The example below shows two related phrases connected through an identical sum. It gives some idea of the magical and simultaneous resonance between words and numbers that any literate and numerate reader would have experienced, since for more than 1,000 years gematria was not merely an occult specialty but the standard way of representing numbers. This secret science is still used today by mystics and sorcerers who use its connections between words, phrases, and number for their mystical significance and talismanic power. 39
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