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Sacred Number

33 32 TiMe and sPaCe cosmology and manifest number Looking around us, there are local numbers that particularly manifest around Earth, in our heavens, and in our sciences. There are, for instance, twelve full moons in a solar year, but the twelfth falls eleven days short of the end, which means that a twelvemoon year, like the Islamic calendar, slides slowly against the solar year, coming round again after 33 years, three elevens. Other sunmoon marriage numbers are 18 and 19 eclipses repeat after 18 years, and full moon dates repeat after 19 years. Stonehenge displays this as 19 stones in its inner horseshoe. Two full moons occur every 59 days, and Stonehenge records this in its outer circle of 30 stones, one of which is halfwidth. Venus draws a fivefold pattern around Earth every eight years allowing us to draw an amazing diagram opposite center. In those eight years there are almost exactly 99 full moons, nine elevens, the number of divine names in Islam. Jupiter draws an eleven fold pattern around Earth opposite top. The numbers of many longer cycles, such as the Great Year, or precession, are also rich in secret qualities. Each great month, such as the Age of Pisces, or Aquarius, lasts 2,160 years, also the diameter of the Moon in miles. Twelve great months give the ancient Western value of 25,920 years for the whole cycle. The ancient Maya were superb stargazers. Their calendar synchronised not just the Sun and Moon, but also Venus and Mars. They worked out that 81 or 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 full moons occur exactly every 2392 or 8 x 13 x 23 days, an astonishingly accurate gearing.
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