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Sacred Number

25 24 The Twelve heaven and earth Twelve is the first abundant number, with factors one, two, three, four, and six, summing to more than itself. Twelve points on a circle can join to form four triangles, three squares, or two hexagons center opposite. As the product of three and four, twelve is also often associated with their sum seven. Twelve enjoys the third dimension and is the number of edges of both the cube and the octahedron. The icosahedron has twelve vertices, and its dual, the dodecahedron literally twelve facer has twelve faces of regular pentagons. Twelve spheres fit perfectly around one to define a cuboctahedron. In a sevennote scale, notes increase as a pattern of five whole tones and two semitones. In modern tuning the five whole tones are divided to create a scale of twelve identical semitones, the welltempered twelvetone scale we all hear every day. Curiously, the next most simple Pythagorean triangle, after the threefourfive, has sides of five, twelve, and thirteen. Twelve is often found arranged around a central solar hero, and there are many twelvetribe nations. In ancient China, Egypt, and Greece, cities were often divided into twelve sections, and, of course, there are usually twelve full moons in a year. The material universe is today understood as being made of three generations of four fundamental particles, twelve in all.
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