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Sacred Number

15 14 The hePTad seven sisters Seven is the Virgin, standing quite alone and having little to do with any of the other simple numbers. In music a scale of seven tones emerges as naturally as its sister fivetone scale. These are the white keys on the piano, producing the seven modes of antiquity, a universal pattern. Like all numbers, seven embodies the number preceeding it spatially it functions as the spiritual center of six, as six directions emanate from a point in space, and six working circles surround a seventh restful one in a plane. The Moons phases are widely counted in four sevens with a mysterious moonless night or two completing its true cycle. Our eyes perceive three primary colours of lightred, green and bluewhich combine to produce four moreyellow, cyan, magenta and white. According to the ancient Indians, a vertical rainbow of seven subtle energy centers, or chakras, runs up our bodies. Today we understand these as the seven endocrine glands. The seven planets of antiquity, arranged in order of their speed opposite upper center, make amazing connections with metals opposite upper left and the days of the week opposite upper right Moon silverMonday, Mercury quicksilverWednesday, Venus copperFriday, Sun goldSunday, Mars iron Tuesday, Jupiter tinThursday, Saturn leadSaturday. There are seven frieze symmetries, seven groups of crystal structures, and seven coils in the traditional labyrinth opposite.
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