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Sacred Number

12 all Things sixy the hex The Hexad like its graceful herald the snowflake, brings perfection, structure, and order. The marriage by multiplication of two and three, even and odd, six is also the number of creation, with a cosmos made in six days a common theme in scripture. The numbers that easily divide other numbers are known as their factors, and most numbers, including one to five, have factors that sum to less than themselves, and so are known as deficient. Six, beautifully, is the sum and product of the first three numbers, and its factors are also just one, two, and three, these summing to six and so making it the first perfect number. The radius of a circle can be swung through its circumference in exactly six identical arcs to inscribe a regular hexagon, and six circles perfectly fit around one. After the triangle and square the hexagon is the final regular polygon that can tile perfectly with identical copies of itself to fill the plane. The three dimensions make for six directions forward, backward, left, right, up, and down, and these are embodied in the six faces of a cube, the six corners of an octahedron and the six edges of a tetrahedron. Six occurs widely in crystalline structures such as snowflakes, quartz, and graphite, and hexagons of carbon atoms form the basis of organic chemistry. Just add water. Curiously, the wellknown Pythagorean three, four, five triangle has an area and a semiperimeter of six. Insects creep and crawl on six legs, and the honey bee arranges its dry, waxy secretions into an instinctive hexagonal honeycomb. 13
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