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Sacred Number

6 Three is a crowd Male in some cultures, female in others, three, like a tree, bridges heaven and earth. The Triad relates opposites as their comixture, solution, or mediator. It is the synthesis or return to unity after the division of two and traditionally the first odd number. The third leg of a stool gives it balance, the third strand of a braid makes a plait. Stories, fairy tales, and spiritual traditions abound with portentous threes, juggling past, present, and future with the knower, knowing, and the known. As birth, life, and death, the triad appears throughout nature, in principle and form. Trinity often takes the form of a triangle, the most simple and structurally stable polygon, defining our first surface. In music the ratios three to two and three to one define the intervals of the fifth and its octave, the most beautiful harmonies other than the octave itself, and the key to ancient tunings. The vesica piscis formed by two overlapping circles opposite top left immediately invokes triangles. An equilateral triangle in a circle defines the octave, so that the area of the ring below left is three times that of the small circle. Below center we see Archimedes favorite discoverythe volumes of the cone, sphere, 7
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