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Sacred Number

4 5 dualiTy opposites There are two sides to every coin, and the other side is where the Dyad lives. Two is the otherworldly shadow, opposite, polarised, and objectified. It is there, other, that not this, and essential as a basis for comparison, the method by which our minds know things. There are countless names for the divine pair. To the Pythagoreans, two was the first sexed number, even and female. To develop their appreciation of twoness, they contemplated pairs of pure opposites, such as limitedunlimited, oddeven, onemany, rightleft, malefemale, restingmoving, and straightcurved. We might also think of the positive and negative charge in electromagnetism, and the in and out of our breathing. The dyad appears in music as the ratio two to one, as we experience a similar tone an octave higher or lower, at twice or half the pitch. In geometry it is a line, two points, or two circles. Linguistically when speaking of both parts of something working as one we use the bi prefix, as in bicycle or binary, but when the divisive quality of two is invoked, words begin with the prefix di, thus discord or diversion. The distinction between self and notself is one of the first and last we generally make. Modern philosophers, if they stop to think about twoness, can get little further than the ancients. All experience a left and a right, front and back, and up and down through two eyes and two ears. Men and women alike live under a Sun and a Moon,
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