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Sacred Number

2 3 The Monad one unity Unity. The One. God. The Great Spirit. Mirror of wonders. The still eternity. Permanence. There are countless names for it. According to one perspective, one cannot actually speak of the One, because to speak of it is to make an object of it, implying separation from it, so misrepresenting the essence of oneness from the start, a mysterious conundrum. The One is the limit of all, first before the beginning and last after the end, alpha and omega, the mold that shapes all things and the one thing shaped by all molds, the origin from which the universe emerges, the universe itself, and the center to which it returns. It is point, seed, and destination. One is echoed in all things and treats all equally. Its stability among numbers is unique, one remaining one when multiplied or divided by itself, and one of anything is uniquely that one thing. One is alone, all one, and no thing can exist to describe it. All things are immersed in the shoreless ocean of Unity. The quality of oneness permeates everything, and while there is nothing without it, there is also no thing within it, as even a communication or idea requires parts in relationship. Like light from the sun or gentle rain the One is unconditional in its love, yet its majesty and mystery remain veiled, and beyond apprehension, for the One can only be understood by itself. It is alone, all one, and no thing can exist to describe it.
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