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Sacred Number

to parents, and children My sincere thanks to Adam Tetlow, Richard Henry, Daud Sutton, and John Martineau for their painstaking assistance in the design and editing of this little book, and also to my many tutors in these profound quantities, particularly Professor Keith Critchlow and John Michell. Additional thanks to Sally Pucill, Haifa Khawaja, and Delfina Bottesini. Thanks particularly to Jim Baldwin for getting the ball rolling. The Tao gives birth to the One, the One gives birth to the Two, the Two gives birth to the Three, the Three gives birth to the Ten Thousand Things. Lao Tzu CoNtENtS Introduction 1 The Monad 2 Duality 4 Three 6 Quaternity 8 Phive 10 All Things Sixy 12 The Heptad 14 Eight 16 The Ennead 18 Ten 20 Elevenses 22 The Twelve 24 Covens and Scores 26 The Quadrivium 28 Gnomons 30 Time and Space 32 Babylon, Sumer and Egypt 34 Ancient Asia 36 Gematria 38 Magic Squares 40 Myth, Game and Rhyme 42 Modern Numbers 44 Zero 46 Appendices Number Systems 48 Pythagorean Numbers 50 Examples of Gematria 51 Further Magic Squares 52 Some Numbers of Things 54 Select Glossary of Number 56 Further Numbers 58
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