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Sacred Geometry

51 50 deLightFuL arCheS some simple ways through Arches take remarkably similar forms all over the world and a few are shown here. Living trees often make the best arches. The top row opposite shows five twocentred arches. Their span has been divided into 2, 3, 4, 5 and 5 again. The straight dotted lines show the radii of their arcs. The heights of arches can vary but for these five their heights are defined by a rectangle which gives a musical interval, thus 23, 34 and so on page 22. The second row of arches opposite are fourcentred. The curve of the arch changes at a position given by the undashed line. Ideas for defining their heights are also given. The bottom two arches opposite are a horseshoe arch which can also be pointed and a pointed arch. The pointed arch seems to turn up the return but the lines are actually dead straight.
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