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Sacred Geometry

41 40 the SmaLLeSt Part reversible stencils and rotable blocks All the semi and demiregular grids can be reduced to a simple square or triangular unit which can then be reflected or rotated to recreate the whole pattern. Often these repeat triangles or squares are quite small. However, in practical applications it is often easier to rotate a printing block or stencil than it is to reflect it and in such cases one has to take care to draw a slightly larger stencil or carve a slightly larger block. The design shown opposite is based on one of the grids on the previous page. It is produced by rotation and reflection of the primary unit opposite top and below right. Squares and equilateral triangles can themselves often be halved to produce smaller triangular units below left. But, again, take care and think about what you are doing for instance you cannot do this with the example shown opposite can you see why The smallest unit of the pattern below, drawn at the same scale, and howing the grid lines which have informed its design. Notice how leaves and petals have been positioned along the edges of the tile, with the centres of flowers at the centres of rotation points.
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