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Sacred Geometry

33 32 extraCting an enneagon nines and magic squares The construction shown opposite divides a circle into a near perfect nine from an initial sixpointed star using three centres. The digits of many special numbers add up to nine 2160 or 7920 for instance, the diameters of the Moon and the Earth given in miles 360 and 666 do and so do all pentagonal angles like 36, 72 and 108. In fact, all multiples of nine add up to nine. Nine is three times three, or three squared. Many tribal cultures speak of nine worlds, or nine dimensions. Shown below is a basic eightpointed star which can be drawn in a square. Sometimes called The Sand Reckoners Diagram this simple device exactly divides a square into nine, sixteen or twenty five, or, usefully, a line into three, four or five. 33 John Michells method for the construction of a nearperfect ENNEAGON starting with a hexagram inside a circle a simple and memorable methodaccurate enough for most practical purposes the symbolism of nine is laden with initiatory veils with stories of nine worlds or realms in many shamanic traditions nine is the square of three and along with eight, the cube of two, is very important in Eastern cosmologies
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