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Sacred Geometry

30 ConStruCting a hePtagon seven out of three Divide a circle into six and draw the primary equilateral triangle. Find the midpoints 1 and 2 of the triangles two upper arms and drop two lines down to give two points 3 and 4 on the base of the triangle, and two on the bottom of the circle. Finally, from the top, swing through the four points on the triangle to give the last four points of the seven on the circle. Three and seven often work together a rectangle three across and seven high gives a diagonal which is the tilt of the Earth, or in many ancient pictures the tilt of a holy head. Although it is impossible to draw a precise heptagon using ruler and compasses alone, you can do it perfectly using seven equal rods or matchsticks shown below left. This wedge is an exact fourteenth of a circle, so you need two of them for a one seventh division. More ancient rough solutions use a cord with either six knots or in a loop with thirteen below centre and right. 31 a secret method for the construction of a nearperfect HEPTAGON starting with an equilateral triangle inside a circle introduces no compound errors as each vertex is defined independently it is not possible to construct a perfect heptagon using ruler and compasses alone the seven notes of the scale, seven days of the week, seven heavenly bodies of antiquity and seven bodily chakras all indicate the ancient sanctity of seven seven symbolises the virgin, having little to do with the other low numbers, and being complete in herself many traditions revere seven as especially holy
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