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Sacred Geometry

28 how to draw a Pentagon and a golden section rectangle The method of construction of a pentagram shown opposite is perfect and first appeared in the last book of Euclids Elements, two and a half thousand years ago. Draw a horizontal line with a circle on it. Keeping the compasses fixed, place the point at 1 and draw the vesica through the centre of the circle. Now open the compasses wide and draw arcs from 1 and 2 to cross above and below the circle. Use a straight edge to draw the vertical through the centre of the circle. Next draw the vertical through the vesica to produce 3. With the point of the compasses at 3 swing an arc down from 4 at the top of the circle to give 5. With the point at 4 swing through 5 to give two points of the pentagon. With the point of the compasses on these new points in turn, swing from the top to find the last two points of the pentagon. A golden section rectangle, widely used in architecture, is constructed from the midpoint of the side of a square below. 29 an ancient method for the construction of a perfect PENTAGON numbered points represent compass positions the pentagon and its starry twin the pentagram are both symbols of water, each molecule of which is the corner of a pentagon, and of the lifeforce itself A Decagon 10 sides may be easily constructed from a pentagon ten pentagons precisely fit around a decagon the number five represents the sacred marriage of two female and three male and so symbolises reproduction and the magical healing arts
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